1982 & 1989

Originally designed and built in 1982 as a Sales and Information Center for The Waterways, a new residential development surrounding a large bay off the Intracoastal Waterway. It was located overlooking the bay on a parcel intended for a shopping center. The developer’s concept was that it would be designed and built as a sales center and then converted to a restaurant after the developer no longer needed it . . . . . .a great idea but the eventual retail developer leased it to someone for a “diner” and they virtually destroyed it with paint and neon, and put a commercial lay-in ceiling under the heavy timber, blocking off all the high glass and skylights . . . . . .and then promptly failed taking the whole center down with them.

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Our client had a very successful health food market & restaurant in Miami and was offered ample incentive to move to a greatly enhanced location, re-anchor the center and also have a health food market in a front & center location.

With the addition of an outside deck and extensive repair and restoration, including sandblasting all wood, inside and out, it was now a 300 seat restaurant. The healthy eating theme was interpreted and carried through as a very crisp, natural and uplifting environment.

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