The clients had been searching for a site in a more rural environment to build a house for themselves and their two children. They discovered a small development of wooded acreage lots surrounded by tomatoe farms. (now in the city of Coral Springs) The 2 1/2 acre site needed fill to raise the house adequately above the water table. A deep pond was excavated for that purpose, but which also inspired the notion of a moat with a bridge leading from the guest parking area.

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The plan is based on an equilateral triangle with three wings . . . . Living Room, Children’s Bedrooms and Carport . . . . with the Kitchen in the center and the Master Bedroom above and open to the Living Room below.

In order to stay constantly in touch with their natural environment the house was not air conditioned. Virtually no landscaping was added, and with the exception of grass, was allowed to establish naturally.

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