Bayville, New York

Our client was an architect and owned the famous N.Y. city firm of Edward D. Stone Associates. He lived in Oyster Bay where he had a satellite office and additionally did development projects.

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However, he had no experience in the details and complications of hospitality design.

The site was a beachfront four acres overlooking Long Island Sound. It was formally the site of a locally famous restaurant that had been there for fifty years, and was surrounded by small old summer houses.

The program was for a 30,000 sq. ft. multi-use facility, which included a health club with an inside swimming pool at beach level, a 300 seat banquet facility and 130 seat restaurant on the second level and a balcony bar on third level overlooking the dining below. In the summer season outside covered and uncovered areas tripled the inside seating.

We provided the design and working drawings and the EDSA firm did the construction supervision and interior furnishings. Even though they were architects, they were excellent clients and no attempt was made to improvise or change anything, and followed our intentions flawlessly.

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