Schecter House

Hollywood, Florida
Year Built: 1988

This architectural design was built in a neighborhood on a lake. These clients were in their 70’s and owned a quality art collection. These clients expressed interest making a significant lifestyle change to a more artistic environment and geometric abstraction.

The floor plan centers the living room within an expansive, two-story, light-filled space. The living area is flanked by the master bedroom suite and on the other side by dining room, kitchen and service areas.

A media room is tucked into one corner of the living room, up four steps and under a lower ceiling creating an intimate area for TV, reading, and tunes.

A long covered screened terrace orients all interior spaces to the swimming pool and lake view beyond. Two guest bedrooms are hidden on the second floor.

This architectural design exterior offers articulate geometric forms, simplicity, and clarity which is a direct reflection of the living spaces within.

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