Powell House

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year Built: 1987

This architectural design project was performed for a retired marine contractor. This client was a hunter and fisherman and desired a rugged and natural design. His spouse sought more sophisticated and refined spaces including chrome and leather furnishings. My challenge was to reconcile the clients’ differences to offer solutions to achieve a rugged outside and a more refined interior.

My architectural design was well received by both clients. The great room contains varying ceiling heights to define spacial function. The living room and kitchen were within the high-gabled ceiling and dining area situated within a lower ceiling. A billiard room was constructed two-steps below the main floor elevation and defined by a lower ceiling separated by a bar designed for bar stools on the lower side and bar chairs on the higher side.

The master bedroom was situated behind a coral stone fireplace. The fireplace was expressed by a rabbit ear shape up the chimney. Two guest bedrooms were constructed on the second floor. The water side opens entirely to outdoor living spaces, including a swimming pool and major dock space for several fishing boats.

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