Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year Built: 1987

Christopher’s had been in business for ten years and remodeled twice attempting to remain competitive within the fickle Fort Lauderdale bar business. Christopher’s suffered a fire which resulted in structural damage and substantial interior smoke damage. This architectural design client was the brother of the owner of Pete’s.

Uncertain about the feasibility of restoring Christopher’s, rather I encouraged that opportunity to rebuild and produce a 21st century club.

The floor plan was completely reconfigured. The fire-damaged section of steel roof joist was replaced with a bird-like shaped wood roof structure, much like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

The original thought was to change the name but the client worried that Christopher’s good will might be lost. Three bars were positioned on the existing floor level and beneath the new higher roof shapes and the remainder was raised two steps to distinguish the dining areas and to provide plumbing space under the kitchen and service areas. Two fireplaces graced the dining areas.

Christopher’s was a bar serving drinks and food. Live music at 9 pm meant acoustical properties were crucial. Fabric-clad acoustical panels were utilized as interior graphic images. In addition, acoustical materials were applied to the ceiling, including a 60-foot geometric mural on the front interior wall face.

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